1952 Bowman Baseball Set Break ~ Available 5/17 @ 4 PM CT

About us

Hi! I'm Justin Burleson, owner of Burl's Sports, but you can call me Burl. I sell sports cards, specializing in vintage set breaks, mixer breaks, and pack and box breaks of old school cards. We operate solely online and have been running breaks since 2014. 

Collecting has always been a natural impulse for me, personally. I collected anything and everything I found interesting as a kid, from aluminum soda tops to sports cards. My personal collection includes various baseball card issues I find interesting, Auburn football cards and memorabilia, and cards of Bo Jackson, Frank Thomas, and Charles Barkley. 

If you have any questions about the site, the breaks we offer, or collecting in general, feel free to reach out. It's easiest to reach me by email at burl@burlssports.com

Or you can text me at 615-636-6728