'54 Bowman results posted

Memorial Day $500 Giveaway!

It's time for a Memorial Day special giveaway with $500 worth of prizes! 

Prize List

1. 1955 Bowman Mickey Mantle SGC 3.5 ($250 Value)

2. 5 Spots in the '57 Topps Football Set Break ($90 value)

3. 10 spots in the upcoming '64 Topps Baseball Set Break ($70 value)

4. 10 Spots in the '72 Topps Basketball Set Break ($55 value)

5. 5 Spots in the '72 Topps Basketball Set Break ($27.50 value)

6. $10 Burls Sports Gift Card

How do you enter? For every $25 you spend in breaks, between 5/23 and 12 PM 5/28/2019, you'll get a free spot in the giveaway. The giveaway will broadcast on the night of 5/28/2019. As current breaks sell out, I will reload! Look for the '64 Topps set break to go on sale Saturday evening.

Want to multiply your entries? I'll use the number of different breaks you buy into as a multiplier! For example, if you got 11 spots in the '64 Topps set break, you have 3 base entries ($77 = 3 entries). If you buy two spots in the '82 Topps box break ($12.50 each), not only will you get an additional entry (3+1), but I'll multiply that times 2 since you bought into two extra breaks. If you added one spot in the '72 Topps basketball break, you'll then get 3x instead of 2x.

Current Breaks for Sale:

Mini-Mixer Break (limit 1 per person) (SOLD OUT)

'82 Topps Baseball Box Break

'79 Topps Baseball Pack Break (SOLD OUT)

'88 Fleer Basketball Pack Break

'72 Topps Basketball Set Break

'57 Topps Football Set Break

'64 Topps Baseball Set Break

 Link to breaks